London (Betway Group) Scam

On 24 Feb, 2020 I received email from Betway Group Web PR/Digital Outreach representative named Daniele Saccardi for potential advertisement on After negotiation we agreed on pricing and the advertisement was made live on 30.01.2020.

For the payment, I was told to send a paypal Invoice. As required I sent an invoice but after several days I got reply that finance department has raised some objections on the invoice and I need to add Date of Birth on the invoice as well. I told the representative that why my Date of Birth is required. It has nothing to do with our nature of business. But the representative insisted that the payment can only be done when the Date of Birth is added.

I added the DOB on the invoice and resent the revised invoice. But after 3 days I was informed that the name on my paypal address is different and I have to change it to my actual name. I told the representative that PayPal is not available in Pakistan because of restrictions and that is why most of bloggers from Pakistan use PayPal accounts registered on someone who lives outside Pakistan. But they refused to pay via PayPal.

Alternatively I sent my Bank Details along with a PDF invoice but again objection was raised and this time I was asked to send proof of address.

Once again I sent an Electricity Bill for the address proof.

But again another objection was raised.

These continues objections were clearly sign of something phishy and shady.

This time I was asked to share ID Proof.

This is when I decided to stop this never ending game of Win Technologies London (Betway Group)

What was the motive?

The motive was clear – to steal personal information. And also to scam you by not paying for the advertisements.

If you have received email from any of the representative of the company e.g in my case from [email protected] for Advertisement on your blog. Then ask for Advance Payment. Otherwise you will have to go through all such never ending objections on your invoices.

Full Details of the fraudster and scammer is below

Daniele Saccardi
Web PR/Digital Outreach
Mobile +44 7729 400 598
Centro 4, 20-23 Mandela Street, London NW1 0DU

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