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WhatsApp developing a new self-destructing message feature

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow users to send messages capable of self-destruct after a certain period of time. This new function could be especially useful for people who want to send confidential or confidential messages and do not want the recipient to have permanent access to them.

Although this can be a fairly useful feature, it is nothing new. It has been used in several messaging applications such as Telegram, which even allows you to have complete chats that can be deleted immediately or deleted automatically after a set time. Email clients also have this feature. For example, the confidential mode in Gmail, which not only allows users to send emails with an expiration time but also prevents them from doing other things like copying the content of the email, forwarding it and downloading it.

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That said, nowhere will this function have more use than WhatsApp, due to a large number of people who use it daily. According to WABetaInfo reports, however, there is still some time left before this feature is implemented to the general public. It is still in beta form, and its implementation is still raw at this stage. The function is only supported in group chats at the moment, and the user can only choose between self-destruction times of 5 seconds or one hour, without intermediate options. The user must also commit to having all their messages self-destruct in that chat after the established time. In addition, it is currently only being developed for the Android application, but an iOS version is expected not long after.

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It is not known when this function will actually be available in WhatsApp, and to what extent it will be useful. But any step towards a more private chat experience, especially on the world’s most popular messaging platform, should be appreciated.


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