What’s New for Google Assistant: AI for everyone

Google Assistant celebrating his 3rd birthday this year, It is yours choice whether you love it or not , it is the Artificial intelligence (AI) for everyone. It is getting smarter day by day.It is fully dominate on mobile devices, but Google wants to expend it more by doing aggressive marketing, worldwide device integration and newer innovative ideas has been introducing by Google to capture more and more market share.Let’s take a look at how the AI in your pocket got here, and all the big plans Google has to make even more of an AI powerhouse.

It took years to integrate the search engine and virtual helper to voice search within your phone.It was in many ways the evolution of Google Now, another AI that predicted information users could need and presented them on cards on your screen. The feature lives on with Google Assistant, which also let users have two-way conversations with their phones.Google launched namely Google Home (Assistant) who is one of the 1st to combine AI with Voice.

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Due to less competition Google is on the top of board and leading the product in the market. In 2018, the 24% share of Voice searches captured by Google.There were smart speakers and smart televisions that smart home systems that quickly brought it on par with Alexa. Google Assistant works with Gmail, Maps, Android TV and Calendar.

Siri is too far behind in this smart race and it is not as smart as Google Assistant , it has a long way to catch up the irony.So why not use Google’s AI itself? The iOS version of Google Assistant launched mid-2017 and contributed to its climb to over 400 million devices that year.

Google Pixel phones have AI on the front and it is center of their way to forward by just aggressive marketing efforts.Last year, Google announced Duplex, it is extension of Assistant that on your behalf phone calls to book appointment , general queries with marts and super stores can be possible.Google needs to define the responsibility of using AI in case any problem raised while using the AI.

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With the widespread use of Google apps in our daily lives, Google’s very much at the head of development in AI. Wise decisions and disciplined growth could lead the rest of us into a safer future with AI.

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