Twitter is down, but there’s a secret way to tweet

Twitter is down, but there’s a secret way to tweet

Twitter is in the midst of an outage for its most basic function: sending your thoughts into the ether via tweeting. On DownDetector, the service is showing a spike in problems over the last hour or so. Tweets sent bounce right back; it appears that retweets are also limited.
But there’s still a secret way to tweet: we discovered that scheduling tweets lets you successfully get your message out there. (You may need to use Twitter’s web app — hit the three little dots underneath the tweet box — or TweetDeck.)
It’s unclear what the cause is, but a Twitter PM says the company’s working on it:

Tweeting is broken. We’re working on fixing it.— Patrick Traughber (@ptraughber) February 7, 2020

Twitter’s status page says it’s “a possible system irregularity currently affecting all data products and real time APIs.”
While my co-workers complain about not being able to tweet, it’s worth asking if anyone truly needs to. A Twitter without retweets or hot takes? Sounds kind of nice, actually.
Update, 4:54 PM ET: Added info from Twitter’s status page.
Update, 4:59 PM ET: Sadly, it’s back.

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