Pakistan’s Govt Plans to Introduce 82RON Special Low Grade Petrol for Motorbikes

80-82RON petrol Introduced by Govt for Bikes

Pakistan Govt wants to introduce 80-82RON(Research Octane Number) Patrol for Motorbikes. this proposal has been reportedly by Abdullah Malik an official of OGRA

Three decades ago Pakistan has given up the usage of 82RON fuel. It switched over to 92RON from 87RON fuel about two years ago to compliance with the international fuel standards.An official of  petroleum ministry said oil marketing companies are not in favor of low-grade fuel because it will require them to make huge investment in extra nozzles at all retail outlets along with separate storage countrywide.

Nadeem Babar tried to held few meetings on the subject and petroleum division’s spokesman did not respond to calls for comment. Apparently, ogra and the automobile industry have distanced themselves from the circulate.
When contacted, a spokesman for ogra said it changed into no longer the mandate of the regulator to suggest product specifications. “this falls under the jurisdiction of the petroleum department to approve product specs,” he added.

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Advantages of Low Quality Fuel

Reduce the import bill for the country

Different grades of patrol will be available for consumption for the end user

Free From any chemical or additive

Disadvantages of Low Quality Fuel

Dust and water are the most substantial contamination elements found in diesel gasoline. In some instances, fuel is replaced with water, kerosene, or other fluids among the refinery and the gas pump so that it will make a bigger earnings. Most natural infection (dust and water) originates from onsite garage tanks, transport methods to gas tanks, and fuel tanks themselves.

Injector Life Reduction: injector lifestyles is reduced by means of about half with water content material above suitable degrees. Water content must optimally stay well underneath 0.05% of quantity. When gasoline consists of water, it’s going to start to show a haze and end up more opaque. Water content above zero .05% will cause damage to the fuel injection device.

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Bacterial growth: water promotes bacterial boom, which results in acidic situations. Those situations sell corrosion in engine and fuel gadget additives.


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