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Pakistani Students Can Get Canadian Visa in 21 Days

The Canadian government has announced that it will include international students from Pakistan in its Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. This will allow Pakistani students to obtain a student visa in “less than three weeks”.

The program was started last year for students from the Philippines, China, India, and Vietnam.

“Direct student flow (SDS) is now available to study permit applicants living in Pakistan,” the press release says. It adds that most SDS applications from countries part of the program are processed within three weeks.

SDS applications require prospective students to provide police officers with more advanced information, including meeting English or French language testing requirements and providing additional information that demonstrates their ability to fund their education. With additional information, agents can process applications more efficiently.

International students who graduate from Canada generally become eligible for a postgraduate work permit, which will allow them to stay in the country if they wish.

With a Canadian education and qualified work experience in Canada, former international students are well-positioned to successfully apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry, Provincial Referral Program or Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

According to the press release, some 54,000 alumni became permanent residents in 2018, marking an all-time high for Canada.

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How To Get Canadian Student Visa in 21 Days

You must apply online for study permission in the SDS program as there is no paper request. You will need to sign up here to start the signup process. Your app may take up to five days to appear in your account. If you can’t see it after five days, report the error to technical support.

To apply for accelerated study permission, you will need to submit a letter of acceptance from a designated post-secondary education institution in Canada, a government-approved school for international students. You will also have to provide proof that you paid the tuition for the first year of study.

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Other documents required to apply to include a $ 10,000 Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), medical and police certificates, secondary or post-secondary school transcripts, and a language test score of at least 6.0 on the International Testing System. English (IELTS). in each skill.

You may need to submit other documents as required by the visa office.


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