In Rs 2000 Unlock the Phone Blocked by PTA

PTA blocked phones are being unlocked in black market for as low as Rs. 2000

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started blocking unregistered mobile phones in Pakistan. Under the blocking process which started on 30th April, PTA aims to block over 3 million smartphones which are deemed illegal in the country.

On the other hand Black Market has the solution for everything. There are number of technicians available in the market who unlock the phone in Minimum Rs.2000 to Rs. 3500 per cellphone or on the bargain power of consumer.

Subject issue has been raised by Mr. Mian Mohammad Ateeq Shaikh (Senator) during a meeting between Senate standing committee and the Ministry of Information Technology, saying that PTA step gone in vain and all the blocked devices are being unlocked in just 2000 to 3500 rupees. Moreover he said it is the loss for National Treasure.
To prove his statement Senator showed a receipt that someone had gotten their phone unblocked on the black market.

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PTA said that there are More than 3 Million active phones in Pakistan which are non-custom paid or smuggled.
PTA has planned to block these smartphones in multiple steps. At this point Mr.Ateeq Shaikh raised the question that What is the benefit for all these steps while seems that it is worthless and will not yield any benefit for National Treasure.

PTA has given the indication that authorities will also target the Black Market and agents who does it. PTA will block the devices until the tax amount paid on the device.


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