How to Register Online Tax Profiling System?

FBR and NADRA launch online tax profiling system

How to Register Online Tax Profiling System?

National Database and Registration Authority(NADRA) has launched a Tax Profiling gadget in collaboration with the Federal Board of revenue (FBR), which permits the registered users to view their tax profiles. The gadget integrates information such as assets, bank accounts, bills, travel history.

The step has been taken to make tax charge a hassle-free process, but, it is only a begin, which can combine different useful information, such as credit history and loans, to offer the whole thing in a single region. The portal’s launch will now not immediately be used for assessing tax well worth, however, it gives the citizens an account of the data to be had with the government.

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What this indicates is that the authorities has shared the listing of assets, costs and different facts, of fifty three million human beings, available with multiple government departments and the residents can see their profile. With this data, the authorities can without difficulty boom the tax net and supply on its guarantees.

Process to register online tax profiling system

you may use this service if you are fit on the below points

  • Are Pakistani national and preserve a valid CNIC/NICOP
  • Owner of a PTA registered cell phone number (for citizen living in Pakistan)
  • Have an electronic mail (for citizen outside from Pakistan)
  • Have made payment of 500 PKR either via e-Sahulat or Debit Card
  • Are above or 18 years of age
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Super Easy three-Step procedure

To access to your data available with Government, signup on the Tax Profiling System from below link and input your personal details and set security questions to recover your account incase you forget your password.

The registration system similarly includes three steps:

  • Your Personal Information  – CNIC, PTA-registered Mobile Number
  • electronic mail/cell verification – Verification code through cell/electronic mail
  • Citizen verification – two mystery questions related to your own family for verification

after you are carried out, you need to make a payment of Rs 500 PKR  via a credit card or by way of traveling any e-Sahulat center.

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