Google Photos now lets you search text in images

The search giant Google is now making it much easier to search for specific images with text through its Photos application. Over the years, the technology giant launched several object recognition features with Google Lens technology for its backup application, so it does not end a photo dump where you can no longer find anything. Now, the technology giant has begun to deploy the ability to search images in Photos through the text found in them, as the company published in a recent tweet.

Interestingly, the new text search function, which is part of the image analysis capabilities of Google Lens, can be copied and pasted even further using Lens’ existing OCR (optical character recognition) functionality. According to 9to5Google, the feature is now available on some Android devices, although it still does not appear to be active on iOS. You may already be able to search text in your photos using Google Photos on the web.

In particular, Google is positioning the Lens function as a way to easily hook a confusing Wi-Fi password, but it can also be used to capture any part of the text of any photo or screenshot in your Google Photos library on a case-by-case basis. base. However, the most impressive feat is the ability to search for any piece of text without having to choose a photo first. That suggests that Google is performing OCR on its entire photo collection automatically.

The feature definitely improves the search functionality of Google Photos, which can already be used to search for specific images by location, people and date, among other options. Text search would normally be useful for finding document images, but it can also be used for things like signs, restaurant menus and business cards.

It is worth mentioning here that text search in Google Photos works best with cleanly photographed text in clear sources, but can be used for virtually any type of text in images. Google Photos released live video previews last month on the main timeline for Android users.

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