Get Rs.88 Balance on load of Rs.100

Customers to Get Rs. 88 on Loading a Rs. 100 Card

Mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan have withdrawn operational and service charges for card charges and balance transfers, the sources confirmed.

According to the details, as confirmed by an official of a telecommunications company, mobile phone users will now move around Rs. 88 after loading an Rs. Card of 100. Previously, the amount was around Rs. 77 in a Rs. 100 card.

Apparently, this movement was triggered by a Supreme Court order that reversed mobile phone taxes to July 2018 levels.

You may remember that the former President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the elimination of all types of taxes and charges for service in the charge of mobile cards, however, this decision was reversed last month and taxes on telecommunications services were restored.

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Now, telecommunications companies have been asked not to charge any service or operating fees for the loading of cards.

It should be mentioned here that 12.5% ​​of withholding tax and 19.5% of EDF remain applicable as before and will be deducted from the recharge of the mobile card as usual.

Also to keep in mind, the 12.5 percent withholding tax is not deducted in Gilgit and Baltistan, and therefore, any card charge there will get full Rs. Balance of 100 for an Rs. 100 charge cards.


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