Generate electricity from human steps – the cheapest way

'Harvesting energy' one step at a time - Generating Electricity By Walking

The three students of Iqra University (Karachi, Pakistan) namely Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed and Ali Akber invented the cheapest way to generate electricity from human steps.

At shopping centers, footpaths, parks and other public places by installing special panels and tiles we can easily obtain the electricity.The power generated by human pressure on special tiles can be stored in the battery.Which can be lit on electrical devices, street lights, etc.

3 students of Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology Department of the University of Iqra have given the project a power harvesting, which will help generate electricity on the go. Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed and Ali Akbar have made the mechanisms of energy-harvesting very easy.In which special tiles or wooden artificial grass-made panels and such instruments have been used. Those who passed away from them, the pressure of the body generates electricity .Which connects to the battery and transmits the energy to the battery to charges the other electronic instruments.

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Video Credit: Bloomberg

The power harvesting has been developed from Pakistani parts while the design of 80% parts have designed by  themselves. Due to which not only the cost is reduced, it will also be easy to use in everyday use and can be installed anywhere in the city.The biggest and most commonly benefits of this power generator is that it only needs to be installed once and entail no maintenance cost. It is an environment friendly invention

“We have started working on the project keeping the importance of the power crisis in the country and completed it in 2 years,” said Ghalib Nadeem, a member of the team’s inventor of this technology in Pakistan.Due to the ongoing electricity generation, there have been work in foreign countries including London, Russia and China but nothing in this regard has happened in Pakistan and here we have many places including Markets, Parks, Walking Tracks, where a power harvested project is installed, hundreds of volt electricity can be generated.

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Ghalib said that when initially started working on this project, there was a problem with the difficulty in generating electricity, because the mechanism of work in other countries was difficult to meet here.But later 4 to 8 different methods were used and eventually succeeded.  In the first phase of the project, to check the viability of project a 6.5X3.5-foot wood and artificial grass-panel which can charge the battery and other electrical appliances can be lightened from this battery.

On a question, he said that one thing is being discussed in practice for the implementation of the project, only one lakh rupees have been spent on this project, after which free electricity will always be added and if a plan is mounted on a street of 300 meters, this can make up to 7 to 8 batteries of UPS for free in just 2 hours.He said that only Mechanical energy transformed  into electrical energy.

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