Five Students of Bahria Universikty Develop Eye-Controller for Cars

Karachi students create eye-controller to move cars

Five students from the Bahria University of Karachi have developed a device that allows you to control a car through your eyes.

The students used Python to program the device to detect eye movements. They also designed a car prototype for Rs. 3,000 to prove it as part of their project for the final year.

The device’s automation system uses a flicker sensor to detect flicker in real time. It can also be used for home automation, to move a cursor on your computer or to move a wheelchair. New devices can be added by programming the system accordingly.

Students believe that this system can facilitate the lives of people with disabilities and is a big step in facilitating these people. For example, this device can be used by people with tetraplegia to live their lives without help. Tetraplegia is a condition that paralyzes the body below the neck.

The students have asked the government to help them participate in an automation contest in Thailand. India has been winning the competition for several years, so these students want Pakistan to win this time.

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