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#FaceApp: Here’s How Cricketers, Actors & Other Celebs Will Look Like When They’re Old

During the past few days, you may have found the old edited photos of celebrities and friends on social media platforms.

Many of us ask ourselves what is this trend on Earth and how people are creating their photos of old age. Well, they are not. It is an AI-based application called FaceApp that does all the work. You enter a photo and edit it using different algorithms.

For example, you can see what it will look like when you grow old, and how you looked when you were younger. You can also see yourself in different hairstyles, with glasses, smile, beard, hair colors and makeup.

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The hashtag #FaceApp is trending on Twitter and everyone is sharing their photos. Let’s look at some of the publications in different social networks:

Starting football.


Cricket players

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A few overs played between this bunch.

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Have you tried the FaceApp challenge? Let us know what you think.


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