Every 2 in 3 Pakistanis Prefer Buying Local Products Over Imported Ones

The increase in the cost of imported products has forced Pakistanis to adhere to locally manufactured products after a wave of tariffs on foreign luxury products.

However, contrary to the general belief, Pakistanis prefer local products more than imported ones, demonstrated by a survey conducted by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan. According to the survey, 2 out of every 3 Pakistanis prefer local products over items produced abroad.

People from all provinces of Pakistan were asked the following question:

Some people think that the things that are generally done in Pakistan are good, while others think that the things produced abroad are good. What is your point of view?

The results showed that 64% of respondents said that local products were better than imported ones, while 33% of people liked foreign products more. The remaining 3% did not want to answer or did not know the comparison.

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