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  • Have you ever thought about generating leads from someone else’s content?
  • Have you ever thought about monetizing someone else’s content?
  • Have you ever thought about public participation in someone else’s content?
  • Have you ever thought about tracking all the links you share on the web?

Now you can!

In this course, I will present a tool that will do all the tasks mentioned above and much more in a very fun and easy way. With this tool, you can simply generate a shorter link from any website and in that shorter link you can integrate lead generation forms, content monetization, chat bots and track your shorter links.

Below is a brief explanation of what you can do with this tool.

1. Interact with your audience

Do you use livechat on your website? Why not add it to the links you share to interact with them after they click on your link?

2. Advertise for FREE on other websites

Add relevant announcements and calls to action to ANY web page you want to share.

Imagine having your ads on big sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Techcrunch …

3. Build leads and grow your email list

Use an optin popup in the link you share to grow your email list. TagOn can be used with any pop-up optin software that provides an embedded script

4. Redirect the people who visit your links.

Add your redirect pixels to create very specific custom audiences. Increase the CTR of your advertising campaign, decrease your CPC on advertising platforms such as Facebook and Adwords.

5. Participate in videos

Show your video above the links you share.

6. Generate leads with questionnaires

Show your questionnaires on top of any link you share to attract your visitors and turn them into potential customers.

And there are endless possibilities for this.

Then, follow me in this course to take full advantage of this tool.

Who this course is for:

  • For Digital Marketers
  • For Small Businesses
  • For Content Publishers
  • For Enterprise

What you’ll learn

  • Tagon Marketing tool
  • Lead Generation through other’s Content
  • Monetize other’s Content
  • Create and integrate Chat bots in Tagon
  • Track your shared Links with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Code

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