Check Private School Fees and Registration Status Online in Sindh

Private schools’ registration status, fees to be posted online

Initially, the education and literacy department of Sindh created an online portal, digitizing the registration and payment structures of all the private schools in the province. Parents will be able to obtain all information related to private schools, including fees that schools are licensed to collect. The schools, meanwhile, will be facilitated as their registration process in the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions of Sindh of the education department has been made easier. In addition, the education department will now have an adequate system to record and list the data pertaining to private schools operating in the province.

The portal, accessible at, will be put into operation today (Saturday) and will be officially opened on July 15, 2019 by the Minister of Education of Sindh, Sardar Shah, at the Sindh Boys Auditorium.

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Facilitating parents

Speaking with us, the Registrar of the Inspection Directorate, Rafia Javed, said that the online portal would guarantee transparency in the system. It would allow parents to know if the school they send their children to is registered with the Department of Education or not. Registration certificates, renewal of registration certificates and the year the school was founded would be accessible online. He added that the profiles of all private schools will also be available on the online portal in the next six months.

Parents would know in advance of the fee structure of their respective schools, including services that the school can charge parents. The monthly and annual breakdown of the fee structure would be included in the list, eliminating the possibility of schools alarming parents with improvised, additional charges for several bosses. Javed confirmed that the fee structure given in the portal would include all charges, including sports costs or libraries that schools can authorize to charge.

In short, parents would know at the beginning of each year what costs they would have to pay for their children’s education and they could check the website at all times to make sure they are paying only for what they signed up for.

Facilitating the registration process

Private schools can download the registration and renewal of the registration forms in the online portal. The website includes all the details related to the regional offices and the schools would not have to visit the offices of the registration department repeatedly. They could simply update the information in the forms available on the website with a simple “click”.

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According to Javed, the Inspection Direction team would conduct physical inspections to verify the information provided by the schools in the online forms.

“Schools will be registered only if everything is in accordance with our requirements, and if the school does not meet our required standards, it will be rejected,” he said, adding that rejection of enrollment will also be included online, accessible to anyone who You want to check No additional costs have been added to the registration fees charged at schools, he confirmed.

The Association of Private Schools is also on board with this new initiative from the education department. The members of the association said they expect the portal to facilitate the registration process for the schools. They also expressed their satisfaction to be consulted by the education department before the configuration of the portal. This is the first time they have kept us in a loop, they said.

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Keep records

Giving credit to the education minister and school education secretary, Qazi Shahid, Javed said Sindh is the first province in which the details related to the registration of private schools, the fee structure, its profile, are being digitized and They are available online.

She said that this step would allow the Inspection Directorate, which does not have an official census of private schools operating in the province, to maintain a formal registry with data pertaining to private schools.

He added that along with the profile of the schools, the website also lists the schools that are registered with the Inspection Directorate but have not registered online.


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