Book Careem’s Ride via Whatsapp in Pakistan

Careem has introduced a new convenient way for customers to book their Careem rides via WhatsApp. With millions of people using WhatsApp messenger daily in Pakistan, is the next step to make mobility in your city even more available.

Ride applications such as Careem are a relatively new concept and were introduced in Pakistan only a few years ago, but WhatsApp penetration remains extremely high. Allowing customers to reserve a Careem through WhatsApp simplifies the process, offers an alternative for people who are not familiar with transport applications and allows Careem to provide improved mobility to millions more.

How to book a Careem Ride on WhatsApp

The reservation process is as simple as sending a message. Before sending a message to Careem, you must save the number 0311-1555169 in your contacts as Careem to ensure that it appears on WhatsApp. Once you have saved this number, these are the steps to follow:
Step 1: Say hello to Careem. You will immediately receive an answer asking for your location.

Step 2: Click on the security pin icon in your WhatsApp conversation and respond with “Your current location”. Careem will ask you to choose a number corresponding to the “Type of car” you wish to use

Step 3: Answer with a number corresponding to the “Type of car” you wish to choose. For example, press 2 for the type of car “GO”. Once the type of car is confirmed, you will receive details of your captain and vehicle in the conversation.

Step 4: wait for your captain to arrive. Don’t forget to rate your Captain at the end of the trip.

Video: How to Book Careem Whatsapp Ride

Here is a video with a step-by-step guide on how to book a Careem using WhatsApp.

Chalo, Let's WhatsApp!

We wanted to make booking a ride as easy as sending a message.So, now you can use WhatsApp to book a Careem! 😃Want to know how?It's simple!> Add 0311-1555169 as Careem to your contacts > Say Hi to Careem> Click 📎 > Location > Send Your Current Location> Select the number for your chosen car type> Receive the Captain & car details> Wait for the Captain to reach your location…and you're on your way.Oh and don't forget to rate your ride afterwards. 😉Chalo, let's WhatsApp!#ChaloLetsGo*T&Cs apply- Only valid for registered customers- WhatsApp bookings can only be made using registered contact number

Publiée par Careem sur Jeudi 29 août 2019

Zeeshan Hasib Baig, General Manager of Careem Pakistan, said on the occasion: “With the ability to book a Careem through WhatsApp, we want to ensure that customers with low-end smartphones and data bandwidth limitations have a Perfect experience when using our transportation services. As an internet platform for the Greater Middle East and Pakistan, Careem continues to interrupt constantly to ensure that Pakistan
accelerates even faster towards a digital future. ”

WhatsApp reservation for Careem has been launched throughout Pakistan and all types of cars can be booked through it. Payment of WhatsApp reservations can be made through credits in your Careem PAY account (if the option has been enabled in your Careem account
Application) or in cash.


To track your trip or share it with your family or friends, Careem will send you a tracking link with the details of your reservation (Car, Captain, License Plate, etc.).

One thing to keep in mind is that the WhatsApp reservation feature is available to registered customers with Careem through their phone number. For customers who do not have a number registered in the application, they cannot book a trip through Whatsapp

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