Anti Vehicle Theft Mobile App for Police Launched by Punjab Govt

With the government fighting to end street crime, it has decided to adopt a more technology-oriented approach to prevent vehicle theft: launch a mobile application.

Launched by the government of Punjab, the Anti-Vehicle Lifting System (AVLS) application can access a provincial database of vehicles that have been reported as stolen, abducted, investigated, recovered, forensic evidence, status in court cases and delivery of vehicles to their owners. According to Punjab police sources, data on vehicles reported in various crimes at police stations in 36 districts of the province have been centralized.

Therefore, each time a vehicle is stolen anywhere in the province and reported to the police, officers have received instructions to upload their data to the central database through the mobile application.
Authorized police officers throughout the province can use this application to verify the details of stolen vehicles at any time or anywhere simply by entering the vehicle registration number in the application.

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Authorities can use this data to track the stolen vehicle without having to follow tedious and manual procedures. In addition, all police officers working in AVLS have already been trained to use the application.

Police sources said that the data of all those vehicles, which were confiscated after a theft and then delivered to their owners after completing the required legal process, have also been loaded into the AVLS application.

The government is considering whether to grant the public limited access to this application and its database. The idea, shared some officials, was that citizens can load the details of their stolen vehicles instantly in the application before going to the police station.

Due to the instantaneous nature of mobile phone and Internet applications, the details of such vehicles could instantly circulate among police officers throughout the province. Theoretically, it will make it harder for thieves to escape with stolen vehicles.

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The sources also said the application will also be useful outside the province, as many stolen vehicles in Punjab, particularly those in and around Rawalpindi, are smuggled to different parts of the country.

If the information is shared with the police through provincial boundaries, it will allow police in other provinces to conduct raids within their respective jurisdictions to recover stolen vehicles.

It is not clear at this time if the mobile application has any tracking or global positioning system based on satellites to track vehicles.

According to the Punjab police, from January to May of 2019 there were 7,907 cases of theft and hijacking of vehicles throughout the province. Of these, 2,941 cases were resolved while the remaining 4,174 are still under investigation. In addition, in 416 cases they were not tracked and 323 were completely eliminated.

Parking violations

The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Rawalpindi, Muhammad Bin Ashraf, ordered traffic guards and field officers to take strict measures against double and incorrect vehicle parking, creating obstacles in the flow of traffic in the roads of the city.

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According to a spokesman for the City’s Traffic Police (CTP), all field officers, including the Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSP) and Inspectors, were ordered to take strict measures in accordance with the law against double parking, the wrong parking and one-way offenders, particularly in congested areas to guarantee a good flow of traffic.

In addition, he said, the wrong parking, which was one of the main causes of traffic on the roads, would not be tolerated, adding that vehicles and motorcycles that are parked outside the parking area would be seized.

He urged motorists not to park vehicles the wrong way on the roads, which causes inconveniences for other road users.


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