7 Best habits of the luckiest people you can start copying right now

By definition, “luck” isn’t a quality that you can develop and cultivate. Either you’re lucky or you’re not; end of story.

However, those blessed with consistent good fortune do frequently share characteristics that can elevate them to even more auspicious positions. The jury’s still out on whether these habits form because of their inherent good luck or whether the good luck comes as a result of these behaviors and choices … but either way, it couldn’t hurt to fold these actions into your regular routine.

1. They take active initiatives to achieve their goals

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Power of Positivity shared the following piece of advice for the luck-deprived: “In order to create your own luck, go out and find it! Take extra classes if they will help you better your skills. Go out and talk to people. Become active in the charting of your own future, and luck will find you.” Their key point centers around the idea that — contrary to popular belief — lucky people don’t wait around for good things to happen. Instead, they find their own opportunities and figure out ways to use their skills and talents to bring them closer to their goals.

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2. They hone their communication skills

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The fortunate ones understand that connecting with others can often provide access to employment opportunities, invitations to events and training opportunities that can lead to a more positive professional and personal life. Therefore, they devote time and energy to develop their communication skills and put themselves in situations where they can meet interesting and attractive people.

3. They seek out opportunities and make necessary connections

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As mentioned earlier, proactivity is an important indicator of the quotient of a person’s luck. Therefore, it is logical to think that a person with luck will attend network events and industry mixers and will pay close attention to the other attendees, gathering business cards whenever possible and forging relationships that could be beneficial for both parties.

4. They maintain a positive mindset

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If you’re going through a difficult career, it’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts and fall into a defeatist funk. However, the lucky ones give priority to positivity. Of course, this may be due in part to the fact that their “luck” prevents them from experiencing many major disappointments … but if luck is a self-fulfilling prophecy, keeping optimistic optimism can only help improve your chances of success.

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5. They use creative methods to solve problems

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Take a moment to think about the luckiest people you know. How do they approach the problem-solving process? Do they follow standard action plans or do they tend to think outside the box? For many lucky people, it is true. For this reason, you may want to try some unorthodox methods. getting out of a rut can reveal a plethora of new possibilities.

6. They keep themselves flexible and open-minded

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Overly rigid thought patterns, calendars, and structures can hinder natural energy flows (and thus compromise your luck potential). But if you remain open to new ideas and new ways to achieve your goals, you will be well positioned for exciting opportunities.


7. They trust their own insight

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Lucky people have a remarkable talent for believing in their own instinct (which makes sense because they are naturally lucky!). Psychology Today suggests that everyone (even those who do not consider themselves lucky) should pay more attention to their own implicit knowledge, explaining that “we all have ideas to varying degrees, but some are better than others to be open to hearing The use of this knowledge depends on your ability to access this information and to trust you. “

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